The Planned Proposal

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The Planned Proposal

We met David and Mariah minutes after David popped the question!  As soon as we heard their proposal story, we had to share it on our blog!

David arranged for Mariah’s brother to pick her up for a ‘concert’ they’d be attending.  When she was handed the concert tickets, Mariah knew something strange was going on – the tickets were from their second date!  After riding down the long dirt road into the Meadows at Firefly Farm, she was dropped off at the entrance where a card directed her to follow the trail of balloons.  With each balloon along the way, there was a note from David sharing his favorite moment from their relationship and his dreams for their future.  The trail of balloons led her to pictures of the two of them with a card reading, “Enjoy these photos of our past because all you will be thinking about is our future.”  That is when Mariah knew!

The final balloon was right in front of the Aerie House, a beautiful French Provincial white brick estate in the middle of the 100 acres of Firefly Farm.  The note read, “Mariah, though you are closest to the end you are actually closest to the beginning.  Place on this blindfold, walk in, and be prepared to take the first step for the rest of your life.”  With tears in her eyes, she followed the note’s directions.  David led Mariah by the hand through rose petals and candles and sat her on the couch in the Aerie’s living room.  He serenaded her with his ukulele, told Mariah how much he loved her and asked her to marry him!

David is clearly a planner!  By their third date, David knew he wanted to marry Mariah. After that moment, he began to form his plan and tried to incorporate as many of Mariah’s favorite things as he could – walks, farms, music and old houses, etc.  He found the perfect place to tie it all together, The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve.

After a few minutes with David and Mariah, it’s clear that they are perfect for each other.  Both are devout Christians and strong believers in sharing the Gospel of the Bible.  They want their faith and the Gospel to be an intricate part of their wedding.  Another wedding must-have?  FRIENDS!  They are willing to budge on a lot of things (PB&J, anyone?) in order to have all of their friends celebrate with them on their big day.

At this point, I just want to add that I thought I did a pretty good job with my proposal.  After being apart of this story and hearing more of the background, I was impressed (and may have even had a tear in my eye).  David’s plan and belief in His plan lead to an amazing proposal and will surely lead them to the next step of their life!

Photo Credit: Michael Moss Photography


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