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5 Unique Ways To Use A Classic Car Rental

Classic car rentals work perfectly for weddings- an amazing car for an amazing day. However, there are so many more amazing occasions that classic car rentals can make even more special. From prom to engagements to photoshoots- here’s 5 unique ways to use a classic car rental.


Jonna Jae Photography

Limos are great, sure, but aren’t they a bit overdone? Imagine this: it’s senior prom, you and your friends look gorgeous- but you need a car to match. Show up in style with a classic Bentley. It will make a fun night feel so much more glamourous. And you’ll be the talk of the party.


Paul Stamatiou

Prom isn’t the only high school event you need a vintage car for! Celebrate by your achievements by renting a classic car to leave graduation in. You can bring along your close friends and family and recount those embarrassing/sweet/crazy high school stories.

Airport Pickup

LV Wedding Connections

Is a close friend or family member finally coming home? Or visiting you at your new place far far away? Make an impression by whisking them away from the airport in a vintage car- and maybe even go on a scenic tour of Raleigh after!


Classic Event Cars

Take an incredibly special day even further with a classic car to match. Make the day an occasion to remember by picking up that special someone and taking her to your favorite spot. Bring a luxurious picnic lunch, pop the question (then the champagne!), then drive back home in your classic car to celebrate with family and friends.



Need something stunning to tie your shoot together? Rent a classic car for that extra ‘oomph.’ Our cars photograph exquisitely and are the perfect backdrop for your styled photoshoot. They bring an old-school glamour to practically anything.

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